Italian Christmas Cakes.

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30 Nov

Italian Christmas Cakes.

Christmas is the most important Holiday of the Year for Italians; and it can’t be Christmas without the traditional Christmas Cakes such as Panettone and Pandoro.



Panettone is the king of Christmas cakes and it’s originally from Milan. According to the most famous legend, the name Panettone derives from the name of his creator: Toni; but actually the word Panettone means big bread.

Panettone is a soft, naturally leavened cake, with candied fruits and raisins.



Pizza Saporita is ready to let you spend this Christmas with the best Christmas Cakes:


Balocco – Mini Panettone with Chocolate Chips 100g

(Member : ¥14)


This Panettone is a perfect match of tradition and modernity, the traditional Panettone dough is enriched with delicious chocolate chips.



Balocco – Pandoro 80g/750g

(Member: ¥14 / ¥51)


The other protagonist of Christmas is the Pandoro cake, a soft and fragrant dough, made by Balocco following the traditional recipe.



Balocco – Classic Panettone 500g

(Member: ¥36)


Made following the traditional recipe, naturally leaved dough with candied fruits and raisins and the unmistakable scent of Christmas.



Balocco – Panettone Glassuvetta 750g

(Member: ¥49)


Balocco’s Panettone without candied fruit, with a fluffy texture full of raisins and a hazelnut glaze and sugar granule coating, is undoubtedly a winning recipe.


Balocco – Cake filled with Lemon Cream 400g

(Member: ¥33)


A cake with a delicious lemon cream filling and a sprinkling of icing sugar, to enjoy Christmas in a different and modern way.




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