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15 Mar



Spring is almost here and

Pizza Saporita is going to welcome

the new season with 2 new pizza.


Ingredients : Tomato Paste, Mayonnaise, Tuna (or Shimp),Arugula



The arugula is slightly spicy,

the fresh mayonnaise taste, large chunks of tuna or shrimps  as embellishment…

if you also love tuna, be sure not to miss this amazing cold pizza!


Ingredients : Mozzarella, Pumpkin, Sausage, Cherry Tomatoes, Onions



Red cherry tomato slices, delicious mozzarella,

soft pumpkin and sausage pieces together make a wonderful and full of taste combination.



Pizza Saporita is glad to select  newingredients and create new

combinations to fulfill your belly and your spirit!


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