Just ten years ago, our Andrea moves to China, marries and starts a company aimed at importing high quality Italian food products. The idea is as good as the products they sell, business is good, the marriage is too, and all live happily ever after. If it were not for the fact that to Andrea, something was missing. Certain scents and flavors of home, starting with those of the beloved pizza.

Whenever he goes back to Italy, Andrea never misses the chance to visit Fabrizio Montori’s restaurant. Not just any pizza maker: a World Champion pan pizza maker.

And it is precisely that hot, aromatic masterpiece which keeps dreaming of returning to Beijing. Thus, one day, Andrea makes Fabrizio an offer that he can’t refuse: become an ambassador of Authentic Italian pizza in China.

Perhaps you know that it was Marco Polo, a traveler and Italian merchant, who was first to go to distant China many centuries ago and to describe this extraordinary country in a book called “Il Milione” Andrea and Fabrizio have from that moment had an equally ambitious goal: to help the Chinese people discover true Italian pizza.

The experience, the quality of the raw materials of selected suppliers, creativity, the infinite passion, is certainly not lacking!

Their pizza is something quite unique and worth trying, because everything used is imported directly from Italy, guaranteed and checked by high quality producers. An explosive mix of natural ingredients, of Mediterranean flavors, yeast flour, peeled plum tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, stringy cheese, our famous mozzarella, scents of oregano…

There are many ways to prepare the original pan pizza, a small masterpiece of Central Italian cuisine, garnished according to the tradition of tasty specialties. A good and healthy food, which is digestible and wholesome, that can finally be enjoyed in China too. This includes children, who will find something that can be enjoyed in absolute safety.

From today, starting with Beijing, the dream of Andrea and Fabrizio becomes reality.

With “Pizza Saporita”, an appetizing piece of Italy will finally be available to everyone in their cozy pizzerias.

We wish a “Pizza Saporita” experience to the whole of China!