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Christmas Promotions

  It’s Christmas time already! And Saporita is ready to give you its Christmas gifts!    1  Double your points with Saporita delicacies! ▼ Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!  2  Celebrate these holidays with our Christmas set menu!     ...

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Homemade Crostata

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]                 Pizza Saporita has a new dessert to sweeten your day!     Italian sweets are well known all over the world and the Italian Crostata is part of the Italian culinary tradition.     A delicious base of handmade shortcrust pastry, filled with Menz&Gasser Strawberry jam, Menz&Gasser Blueberry...

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Italian Mulled Wine at Pizza Saporita!

Merry Christmas ~   The temperatures are dropping down, winter is already here.     It’s really common in all Europe to drink mulled wine during the cold weather, especially while going around to buy Christmas presents or while gathering with friends.     Pizza Saporita is ready to bring the Italian winter experience and to warm your body...

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italian Pickles

Italian pickled and preserved in oil vegetables are available at Saporita Store!   Italcarciofi – Sundried Tomatoes in Sunflower Oil 280g (Member :¥12) Sundried tomatoes are a specialty of South of Italy, the ingredients are simple and genuine: tomatoes, Italian sun and sunflower oil for an indispensable and common product. The sundried...

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Italian Christmas Cakes.

Christmas is the most important Holiday of the Year for Italians; and it can’t be Christmas without the traditional Christmas Cakes such as Panettone and Pandoro.     Panettone is the king of Christmas cakes and it’s originally from Milan. According to the most famous legend, the name...

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Saporita’s Catering Service!

  Are you looking for a Catering Service? Pizza Saporita is the best choice, not only for the amazing Italian pizza but for Italian Pasta, Salads and Sides, Desserts, Drinks, Wines and a full Italian Experience.     Saporita provides tailor-made professional catering services perfect for all occasions, such as...

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Truffle Honey and Pecorino!

  Welcome to Saporita Cooking Class! Today’s recipe is a tasty and easy to make Flan with Truffle Honey and Pecorino!     In a mixing bowl whisk the eggs until light and fluffy, then add pecorino, salt and ground pepper and continue mixing;     Add the cream and beat for some more minutes,...

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“Little Cooks” DIY Pizza! 

A group of “Little Cooks” had an amazing experience of DIY Pizza at Pizza Saporita last Friday!     What’s DIY Pizza? Under the guide of Saporita expert pizza makers, all the kids learnt step by step how to make the real Italian pizza and they understood that they are able to...

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