Get your Saporita Membership Card!


 One year after Pizza Saporita opening,

 we’re now proud to announce that our Membership Card is finally available. 
With the aim of make our loyal customers enjoy more benefits and discounts,
 Pizza Saporita has decided  to introduce a special loyalty 
program that allows to: 


1. collect points to be exchanged for pizzas, salads and much more

2. have access to special members prices on Saporita Store products



How to get started?

You can easily get your Membership Card at our shops or when calling for delivery.



Communicate your name and phone number to our staff. 

Recharge your card with an amount of 1500rmb and start enjoying members benefits!


When calling to place your order tell our staff you’re interested 

in getting your Membership Card. 

On arrival, Saporita delivery will ask to fill a simple form and recharge your card with 1500rmb.

From next order your card will be activated and you’ll have access to all members benefits.



Why to become a member?

Shopping at Pizza Saporita with your Member Card allows to collect points to be 

exchanged for pizzas, salads and much more, (Spend 1rmb get 1 point).

All Saporita members have also access to special prices on Saporita Store 

products and save 35% on Store purchases.


Saporita Points Rewards Program


What else?

Get your card from March 18th to March 28th for a free Forest Pizza..