Fabrizio Montori, already World Champion deep-pan-pizza maker, is the master Pizza maker (Pizzaiolo) for PIZZA SAPORITA, ambassador for Authentic Italian pizza in China.

Italian Ingredients

We carefully select our suppliers and handle the importation of Italian products directly. Health and safety of the consumer are our priority.

Pizza Saporita Menu

Seat & Eat, Take away or Delivery”? 

You can enjoy our pizza on our premises, bring it with you to eat where and when you want or choose to order it online and receive it wherever you want: at home or at the office.


Italian flavours and lifestyle

PIZZA SAPORITA: a “little bit” of Italy, warm and fragrant, where you can try a 100% Italian experience.

PIZZA SAPORITA represents Italian identity not only in the pizza’s ingredients, but also in the style of the service and in the attention to style and design.

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