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21 Dec

Homemade Crostata









Pizza Saporita has a new dessert to sweeten your day!



Italian sweets are well known all over the world and the Italian Crostata is part of the Italian culinary tradition.



A delicious base of handmade shortcrust pastry, filled with Menz&Gasser Strawberry jam, Menz&Gasser Blueberry jam, Menz&Gasser Peach jam, Menz&Gasser Apricot jam or a fantastic homemade Apple jam. As the traditional recipe requires, shortcrust pastry stripes create a lattice top across the tart which embrace the jam.

The golden crostata is then ready to be served with a sprinkle of icing sugar.



Your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised by the sweet combination of the delicious fruit jam and the soft shortcrust pastry…a real mouth-watering dessert!


Piece (块): ¥16/(1/8 Cake, 80g)

Round (张): ¥98/650g


*  The round one need to be ordered 4 hours before;

the pieces are available at the store.



   TEL: 010-6413 0991


  TEL: 010-6530 6591

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