/ Ferrara – Bronze Spaghetti

Ferrara – Bronze Spaghetti

  • Packaging: 500g
  • Origin: Italy
  • Shelf life: 3 Years


Product information:

Bronze dye pasta has a more course surface texture and will create a more porous and chalky texture to the pasta. This is considered a more desirable texture for a pasta. The porous texture allows for the pasta sauce to adhere to the pasta and absorb the sauce.


Company presentation:

Situated in the Italian province of Napoli, Campania region, the company was founded in 1883. In all these years the company has always paid particular attention on the consumer’s needs and on the quality of its products. Thanks to its attention, through more than 100 years of technological innovation and research, the company’s reputation has reached very high levels not only in Italy but also all around Europe.