/ Chiarli – “Vecchia Modena” Rosé de Noir VS Brut

Chiarli – “Vecchia Modena” Rosé de Noir VS Brut

  • Production area: Modena
  • Grapes: Lambrusco
  • Color: violet, pink
  • Aroma: strawberry, raspberry
  • Taste: mellow and full
  • Alcohol: 12%vol
  • Food pairing: starters, desserts
  • Serving temperature: 8-10 °C


Company presentation:

“Chiarli 1860” is the oldest and most traditional Lambrusco producer in the world. With its 120 years of export experience, Chiarli winery is the Italian and international leader in the production and commercialization of this specific type of wine.

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